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Sophia Barinova 

Contact: Russia / St.Petersburg  Phone: +7 (812) 963 40 62   E-Mail: info@legalenglishcentre.com     Website: www.legalenglishcentre.com

Sophia Barinova is a Legal English trainer and language consultant; director of an authorised TOLES Exams center (Test of Legal English Skills) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sophia also holds PhD in English and German, and works for the Leningrad State University.

David Best    

Contact: St-Gilles, Bruxelles / Belgium   Phone: +32 471716083   E-Mail: dbestio@yahoo.co.in   Website:

David has taught ESP/Legal English/English for Economics, Management and Marketing (combined with EU Multilingualism/Translation Policy) within the Faculty of Law, Université libre de Bruxelles since 2011. He holds a BA in European Studies, Languages and Literatures (1999) and a PhD in Italian Studies (2008), both from University College Cork, Ireland.

Previous to embarking on the field of Legal English in 2011, he lectured for ten years on Italian language, literature and cultural studies at University College Cork, at the University of St Andrews, and at Trinity College Dublin; then on English Language and Translation at l’Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘L’Orientale’

He has published mainly on 20th/21st-century Italian literature. His latest research concerns EU legal terminology and the “untranslatability” of legal language in the supranational EU context. An article-chapter entitled “Equal respect or equal effect: the untranslatability of legal terminology and its impact on language parity in the EU” is forthcoming in a collected volume to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2015.

Mark Brophy

Contact: Lissone / Italy   Phone: +39 9140409339 8475196 E-Mail: mark.brophy@english-training.it   Website: www.english-training.it

I graduated from Manchester University in Management Sciences and worked in the UK in industry and IT for a few years before moving to Monza, Italy in the mid 1990s. My client base includes multinational organisations as well as tax consultants and legal professionals. I teach specialized courses to the local branches of both the Law Society (Ordine degli Avvocati) and Chartered Accountants (Ordine dei Dottor Commercialisti e Esperti Contabili) as well as many local private law and tax firms. Through my role as EULETA Board member I have an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe and regulary organize international seminars with professional in other European countries.

Agnieszka A. Chojecka

Contact: Poznán / Poland   Phone: +48 600 600 550  E-Mail: agnieszka.chw@wp.pl  Website: www.legalenglish.net.pl    www.legaltalk.pl

A legal English tutor and language consultant

I graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (the English Philology Department). Since 1998 I have been teaching business professionals and since 2004 I have focused on legal and financial English and tutored law students, legal trainees, advocates, legal advisers, tax advisers, accountants and judges of common and administrative courts. In my Legal English Centre, an authorised TOLES exam centre, I offer workshops for lawyers, group courses and individual tuition.

I can help legal professionals to:

  • work on effective legal writing and contract drafting
  • prepare for the TOLES exams
  • practise presentation and negotiation skills
  • improve vocabulary in their areas of expertise
  • increase confidence, fluency and accuracy in speech.

I have designed and published my study materials (Civil Procedure Terminology: Survival Guide for Polish Lawyers; Prepositions in Legal Use and More: Networks of Meaning, Higher level and Advanced level; Employment Law Terminology: Survival Guide for Polish Lawyers).

My students benefit from guidance on how to:

  • memorise legal vocabulary most efficiently
  • take advantage of their individual learning styles
  • become independent language learners.

Stefano Enepi

Contact: London, United KingdomPhone: +44 (0) 747 760 0594, E-Mail: hello@legalenglishlessons.com, Websites: www.britishenglishlessons.com and www.legalenglishlessons.com

Stefano is a CELTA qualified teacher from London who is also a qualified UK Lawyer.

In 2010 after passing a TEFL course he moved to Brazil with his family where he taught English in companies, people's homes, online and in a school. He teaches General, Business and Legal English (TOLES/ILEC) and has successfully prepared students for IELTS exams. Since his family moved back to the UK in 2014, he has taught English fulltime to many students of many different nationalities.

He also has experience of working in IT, sales and customer service across 3 continents.

Rebecca van Es

Contact: Berlin / Germany   Phone: +49 (0) 3 6954621 555  E-Mail: rebeccavanes@gmail.com  Website:

I have a bachelor of arts degree in English literature & psychology, a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Cape Town, and an LL.M in international legal studies from New York University. I have lived in Berlin since 2010 and have since then taught several legal English courses in Berlin and Brandenburg, primarily to law students at the University of Potsdam. I continue to teach at the University Potsdam, where I also give private legal English lessons to one of the law professors.

Trainer fghij

Myriam Farhand     

Contact: Ladenburg / Germany   Phone: +49(0)6203 93 82 68   E-Mail: info@english-for-law.de   Website: www.english-for-law.de

Matt Firth

Contact: Innsbruck / Austria   Phone: +4369919524267  E-Mail: matt.firth@me.com  Website: www.legalenglishtrainer.com

Matt Firth teaches Legal English at the University of St. Gallen, the Hochschule Vaduz, and the Management Centre Innsbruck. He is Academic Director at TransLegal, the world`s largest provider of Legal English courses and materials.

Matt has authored many Legal English courses with TransLegal, and also edits an online Dictionary of Law. He organises regular workshops for teachers, as well as training seminars for lawyers and businesspeople. His recent publications include Introduction to International Legal English, several teacher`s books in academic English, and a series of online workbooks. Matt also writes the Legal English column for Business Spotlight.

Matt has organized many training seminars for teachers of Legal English across Austria and around the world. His work as EULETA representative includes encouraging networking between teachers, supporting new Legal English initiatives in Austria, and establishing a regular ideas swap shop.

Olga Grishyna     

Contact: Odessa / Ukraine   Phone: 0038050-410-81-03   E-Mail: legal-english@ukr.net   Website: http://legal-english.in.ua

Olga is a lawyer-linguist having her private practice established in 2004. As a professional teacher of English (Philologist; Teacher of English language and literature) and a qualified lawyer (State Administration and International Relationships), her activity has always been closely connected with teaching, jurisprudence and translation. As a Legal English trainer, Olga delivers the course to both future lawyers and legal professionals from private and public sectors. She has participated in various international and domestic projects.

Among the courses developed and successfully implemented – Legal English (comprehensive course for legal practitioners), Legal Writing (with accent on plain English), Contract Language, Interviewing and Advising, Legal English for Secretaries.

Olga is a co-author of English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Legal Terms and an author of English-Ukrainian Explanatory Dictionary of Legal Terms Used in Maritime Law.

Tom Heaven     

Contact: Berlin / Germany   Phone: +49(0)17671287031   E-Mail: tom@tomheaven.com   Website: http:// tomheaven.com

I hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree from Cardiff University, during the completion of which I attended assessed courses at Universität Trier. I have experience of teaching lawyers and legal professionals. I also have experience of working in the fields of copyright and licensing.

Trainer klmno

Agneszka Kocel     

Contact: Poland /  Phone: +48509 116 883   E-Mail: agakocel@op.pl   biuro@linglex.pl  Website: www.linglex.pl

I’m a Ph.D. holder, a university lecturer and a sworn translator/interpreter, specializing in legal translation and conference interpreting. I have graduated from the University of Warsaw in Poland, where I obtained an M.A. and Ph.D. degree, followed by two years of post-graduate training in conference interpreting and a few years of teaching experience both in Poland and England. I am particularly interested in comparing legal systems of various countries and currently I am doing research related to insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings in Poland, Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia. I have set up LingLex, a School of Legal English, which offers courses and seminars on various aspects of Legal English and I run Legal English classes, teaching lawyers and business people. At the moment, I am also working on my own Legal English coursebook, which I will have published in the near future. English, and Legal English in particular, has always been my great passion, which ensures that whatever I do in terms of my work, I also do as part of what I identify with.

Louise Kulbicki 

Contact: Lecco/Italy Phone: +447711163485 E-Mail: Louise@studylegalenglish.com Website: www.studylegalenglish.com

Louise is a British Legal English teacher and founder of Study Legal English which provides Legal English resources to language learners including a free podcast. She holds a first class degree and master's in Law and following university worked in the legal field working on the development of international environmental law.

Since 2013 she has been teaching Legal English (including preparation for LL.M., TOLES, and contract drafting), to people from around the world both in-house and online, spending 2013-2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now currently based in Lecco, Italy. 

Szabó László

Contact:  Budapest / Hungary  Phone: +36-20-345-8702 E-Mail: ifj.szabo.laszlo@gmail.com   Website: 

Szabó László is a certified translator in English-Hungarian languages, working in law. He worked as an in-house translator at a market-leading Hungarian translation company for 8 years, then as a freelancer, working for major UK and Hungarian translation companies, translating texts in law.

He holds a degree in teaching English. His studies covered four years of studies in linguistics. Then he completed a six-month law course provided by the University of London, and also passed TOLES at its advanced level. In summary of more than 15 years of translations in law, he has written a book on legal English, duly proofread by a U.S. attorney and linguist, which was acknowledged by an Oxford Law Professor as "a masterly work".

In 2017, he participated as speaker at the Bialystok Legal English Conference and as a speaker at the Brno workshop of EULETA.

Patrick Mustu

Contact: Düsseldorf / Germany   Phone: +49(0)0211 38 30 933  E-Mail: info@kanzleienglisch.de   Website: www.kanzleienglisch.de

Trainer pqrst

Sofia Parastatidou

Contact: Bologna Italy Phone no. +39 051 266 842, Email: tolesitalia@gmail.com / parastatidou.s@gmail.com

Website: https://tolesitalia.comhttps://formazioneprofessionaleblog.wordpress.com

Qualified as a UK lawyer and former member of the New York Bar Association, Sofia is now based in Italy where she trains lawyers, accountants and notaries through the Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili and the Ordine degli Avvocati. She also trains psychologists through the Ordine dei psicologi di Emilia Romagna and C-Level directors in many multinational and national companies.

She has also taught law students at various universities, master courses and post -graduate courses. She also runs training courses for in-house Counsel (giuristi d’impresa), translators and other professionals.

She teaches Legal English, Finance English and Business English as well as Contract Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Trusts, Banking Law, Intellectual Property, International Trade Law, Customs Law, Freight Forwarding, Aviation & Maritime Law, Franchising, Accounting and Taxation. She has also held courses in UK/US Practice and Procedure Courses for judges in Bologna.

A registered TOLES trainer and examiner, Sofia is passionate about not only training up-and-coming lawyers in law subjects or language but also in soft-skill acquisition. To this end, she also trains in effective writing, presentation and public speaking skills, debating, negotiation and mediation skills.

She provides consultancy to Italian professionals who wish to train and re-qualify in common law jurisdictions through the up-coming SQE (currently QLTS) or for accountants to become Chartered Accountants in UK.

Dr. Mark Spittle

Contact: Cardiff, South Wales / United Kingdom  Phone: +44 (0) 7738 299410  E-Mail: mark@internationallegalenglish.com Website: www.internationallegalenglish.com

Mark is a PhD-qualified Engineer and European Patent Attorney, with 7 years of experience as a CELTA-qualified teacher of English to adults.

In addition to his work as a consultant in Intellectual Property Law, Mark is also a part-time lecturer in Academic, Technical and Legal English at the University of South Wales and delivers the university’s International Foundation Programme module in Law.

Mark also runs his own private language training company – International Legal English Ltd. – which provides courses in Legal English (including preparation courses for the TOLES suite of Legal English examinations), as well as professional training courses on behalf of Swansea University’s English Language Training Services.

David Thornton

Contact: Palermo / Italy   Phone: +39 338 3590569  E-Mail: contatti@ingleseperavvocati.it   Website: www.ingleseperavvocati.it

David Thornton has been working in ELT since 1998, with experience of teaching in the UK (Oxford and Bath) and Italy (Palermo), including at International House and Bell English Language Schools. Currently a University Teacher and Trainer specialising in accredited (ESP) courses – Legal English, Financial English and Business English – in Further and Higher Education institutions, for professional associations such as the Association of Chartered Accountants (l`Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili), independent legal and financial professionals and businesses.

As well as Teacher Training/Certification courses, as of 2015 also a Teacher Trainer/Conference Presenter in Italy for Cambridge English Language Assessment, University of Cambridge. Professional responsibilities also encompass editing and translating academic papers for academic journals at the Law Faculty and other faculties and universities. Driven by sharing the passion for the teaching/learning process in ELT.

Trainer uvwxyz

Alison Wiebalck

Contact: Zurich, Switzerland  Phone: +41(0)44 9751270  Email: alison.wiebalck@legalenglishskills.com Website: www.legalenglishskills.com

Founder of legalenglishskills.com and co-author of The Legal English Manual (2013), Alison Wiebalck has been coaching legal professionals in legal English in and around Zurich since 2004.

Alison holds a BA LLB from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; a Doctor of Laws from UNISA, South Africa; a Masters of Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, UK, and the CELTA / SVEB 1 from Zurich, Switzerland. She is an active member of the English Teachers Association of Switzerland (ETAS) and the European Legal English Teachers Association (EULETA).

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